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DIY Baby Food Jar Spice Jars

Kitchen clutter is typical a hazard for any foodie. We like gadgets, tools, what-nots, and do-dads. And if you are anything like me, TONS of spices. When my spices began to take over my kitchen counter, I realized I had to do something fast. But what to do? 
I priced those cute little spice jars at the specialty stores, and just about died when I realized how much it would cost me! I knew I had to come up with something that would do the job, but not cost me an arm and a leg!!

Then a friend suggested I try recycling old baby food jars. Genius! 4 ounce jars are the perfect size for a full bottle of spices you get from the store. They sit perfectly in a shallow kitchen drawer. Plus you can view them all with a quick glance vs having to move each jar to see the one behind it.
All you need is a few inexpensive items, and you are on your way.

Supplies you will need:

  • 4 ounce size baby food jars 
  • Chalk board spray paint 
  • Goof Off 
  • White paint pen 

1) Remove the labels from the baby food jars by soaking them in hot water.

2) Use the adhesive remover to get all of the “goo” off of them, then wash and dry well.

3) Make sure the lids are clean and dry and lay them out on a flat surface. Place them on top of newspaper or cardboard to avoid damaging the surface you are spraying on. Spray them evenly with the chalk board paint. Allow to dry and spray again.

4) Once the lids have dried, use the paint pen to label each lid for the corresponding spice.

And WALA you have adorable little spice jars that will hold an average sized jar of spice, and fit perfectly in a kitchen drawer for easy access.

They make a terrific Christmas gift too!

  1. Great idea to re use those baby food jars if you still have a child eating baby food. Ir maybe one of your neighbors just throws them out and could donate them to you!

  2. I love this! I never thought about keeping those little jars.. With my next child I will have to do something like this! I make my own taco seasoning and such.. this would be perfect for that!

  3. What a great idea. I have three nieces who are on baby food right now, so I will have to ask my sisters in law to save the jars for me.

  4. Oh, this is so cute! If I had baby food jars, I would make these!

  5. Oh I love this idea! This would totally help me organize my spices better and look way cute!

  6. This is such a great idea and you store so much more!

  7. What a cute idea, I would use them for my craft supplies though.

  8. Very creative and these would make great little holiday gifts.

  9. These are so cute. I would love to add these to my kitchen. They are very compact and I could just imagine all of the ways that I could customize them and decorate them to make them match my kitchen decor.

  10. Thats a really great idea would make the kitchen less cluttered mine is driving me crazy i can not find room for anything and the worktops are getting taken over little by little lol.

  11. That is a great organizational tip. My kitchen gets so cluttered. You could also use the cleaned baby food jars for holiday gift ideas. You gavae me a great idea, thanks.

  12. Baby food jars are such useful little items after all the food is gone. Like the idea of dressing them up and making them into spice jars.

  13. This s a genius idea! Now if only I had baby food jars laying around lol. Off to pin this!

  14. This is a smart idea! I am going to go on the hunt for baby food jars!

  15. Good idea. I use nutella jars 🙂 Same idea, more space taken though.

  16. I wish I had seen this before I had gotten rid of all my toddlers food jars. We had quite a few of them as well. Great idea!

  17. From BabsProjects: What a great idea. I remember when my girls were babies, I would clean and save those bottles for storing buttons (I sew). However, storing spices is great way to re-use the bottles.

  18. What a great idea and with the chalkboard paint, they could be changed if you decide you didn't use something that much.

  19. These jars looks great with spices. I would have never thought of this.

  20. Liz Great idea and I had no idea there was spray chalkboard paint. I wonder if I can do that with mason jar lids?

  21. Yes, or even check local churches that have Mommy and Me classes.

  22. It is so helpful for me to be able to open a drawer and not have to dig around to find the spice I am looking for!

  23. Yes, they would be good for that as well!

  24. I know, things just seem to take over and multiply!!

  25. I never thought about using them for crafts until the comment above. I scrapbook and they would be great for the little things I use for that too.

  26. Yes, I went ahead and used a paint pen instead of chalk. But the idea is to use chalk for that very reason.

  27. I would think you could use it with any smooth lid. My daughter always wanted me to paint one of her bedroom walls with it!

  28. I'm so glad this page came up when I searched for the best way to turn my baby food jars into spice storage. I tried this a few years ago with little success using chalkboard paint and a brush– time consuming, messy and not that attractive when finished. Thank you so much for recommending the chalk SPRAY… the difference was night and day! One tip: I used a disposable foil roasting pan from the dollar store to lay the lids down, then sprayed away. Zero clean up, and very efficient! Thanks again!

  29. Aaahhh so smart!! I could have avoided polka dots on the top of my Christmas decoration box LOL

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