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How to Make That Perfect Holiday Roast

I want to thank Certified Angus Beef® brand for my the awesome weekend of beefiness  at their headquarters 

Have you always wanted to make an amazing boneless rib, or beef tenderloin roast the centerpiece to your holiday meal, but were afraid to spend the money when you really weren’t sure what to do with it?

Or you think it will take too much time and effort?

Well my foodie friends, you are not alone.

Nope, Certified Angus Beef ® brand looked into this whole situation and found that nearly 25% of people have never cooked a beef roast!

30% of people said they just didn’t have enough time.

I used to fall into the above categories. I luvvvvvvvs me some beef roast, but just filed it away into things I eat at a restaurant. I was honestly scared to even give it a try! 

Thennnnn I learned about Certified Angus Beef® brand, and the Roast Perfect App.

OK, first things first, we will talk about Certified Angus Beef® brand OK?

Let’s step into the meat lab shall we?

OK, why do you like beef?

What is it about beef that you like?

Well, I know for me it is all about the taste. Beef just has a flavor that nothing else can compare to. And it has to be tender. No one wants to be chew, chew, chewing away on a bite of beef right?

Certified Angus Beef® brand is more selective than USDA Choice and Prime. They have 10 exact standards that each cut must meet. Which means that you can be assured that your Certified Angus Beef® brand beef will be tender, juicy, and flavorful. 

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is known for its marbling. All cattle start off eating grass, but the Certified Angus Beef ® brand cattle are finished on grain to ensure all of that fab marbelization.

Now, I know some of you are like Ummmmm helloooooo Bobbi? Isn’t marbling just fat? 
The answer is that marbling doesn’t have anything to do with the fat that is outside of the meat, the kind you just trim off and throw away. It is the small little pockets, or lines, that run through the beef. That is what brings you that flavor and juiciness. #drooling
Another thing that is pretty cool about The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is that they are non-profit. Yup, they were established in 1978 and have been supporting local farmers and ranchers ever since. They ensure quality, as well as support family business, which makes them awesome in my mind and make me   them even more!
Now it is time to choose our roast and get to cooking. 

Sooooo let’s talk about this genius little app that they came out with called Roast Perfect.
Remember when we first started, I was talking about the fear factor when it comes to roasting beef, and that about 25% of people just flat out have never even tried?
Enter this handy, dandy, amazing app……

This my friends will take all of the muss, and fuss, and STRESS out of your roasting experience. Just download it for free and you immediately have a chef at your fingertips. 

With this app you can;
  • Choose the best roast for your meal.  Special occasion roasts, or your regular weeknight or Sunday supper.
  • Calculate portion sizes and how much to buy for your table 
  • Learn how to prepare and serve the perfect roast 
You will also find;
  • Video tutorials 
  • Step-by-step tips 
  • Recipes for delicious roasts and side dishes – chef-tested but easy to make at home 
And the pièce de résistance is, there is an interactive timer. So it pretty much holds your  hand through the whole process!

How is that for awesomeness? 
So what are you waiting for? Grab that free Roast Perfect app through iTunes or Google Play, and let your fingers do the walking to the perfect roast and recipe for your upcoming holiday meal.

For great beef recipes and cooking tips, visitCertifiedAngusBeef.com.

Follow the brand on FacebookInstagramTwitter,Periscope and Pinterest; or check out their blog GoRare.com.
And for 20 more winning beef roast recipes, take a look at these from my fellow Sunday Supper tastemakers.
I helped create a cookbook!

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Disclosure statement: Certified Angus Beef® brand covered my travel costs and sponsored my visit to their headquarters. I was compensated for developing a recipe, but received no additional compensation, and was under no obligation to write this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

  1. Love this recap, Bobbi! The app is pretty much amazing! Who knew Ohio could be so freaking awesome?! I want to go back!! I was so happy to get to meet you in person! You are every bit as wonderful as I imagined <3

  2. Thanks Marion, it was awesome to meet you in person too! I had so much fun 🙂 I would luvvvvvvv to go back!!!

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