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Introducing Hawk

Boxer shepherd puppy with a black collar and a teal background.

Meet our newest Kozy Kitchen member, Hawk! He is our rescue puppy that is a boxer/shepherd mix, and just about the cutest thing on 4 feet. He says
Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to Hawk.
Hawk is the newest member of the Kozy Kitchen family, a tiny terror, and is just about the cutest thing on 4 feet!

Many of you don’t know that we lost both of our dogs to cancer last month. It was a horrible time for us. Rocky passed on the 23rd of December and Angel passed on the 29th. Our hearts were so broken and our home seemed so empty.

You see, I have always had a dog in my life, more like 2 or 3 really, so the reality of no fur babies running around was a concept that I could not grasp.

Even Kevin, who really didn’t consider himself a “pet person” was emotionally broken by the loss.

Boxer shepherd puppy under a camouflage blanket and a brown background.
I knew immediately that I needed a new dog in my life, whether it was a 5-year old dog like Rocky was when we got him from the rescue, or a puppy, I just knew my heart needed it,
I figured it would take Kevin a while to get onboard with the idea. If he ever did.
But, after what seemed like gallons of tears shed between the two of us, he told me that he wanted another dog and that, this time, he wanted a puppy. He had loved Rocky so much, and many times has said that he wished we had gotten him as a pup, but when he was taken from us after just 2 short years, he knew that he wanted a dog that we would have much more time with.
Boxer shepherd puppy sleeping with a green monster toy on a brown couch.

Boxer shepherd puppy on a brown sofa with a black collar and white blanket.

I got online, checking all of the rescue groups I could find. We weren’t super picky about the breed but knew we would be happy if we could find another boxer mix. One of the dogs I had, when Kevin and I got together, was a boxer/great dane mix and was a wonderful dog. 
We looked, and looked, aaaaand looked but, with us having a 2-year-old in the home, it was very hard to find rescues that would even think about letting us adopt.
We did find someone that said she had a puppy and even though our hearts were set on a rescue dog, we wanted a puppy so badly. We spoke for over a week through Facebook messenger when all of a sudden she started acting strangely. I was seeing red flags but we had already fallen in love with the picture of the puppy that she sent us.
Long story short, we think she was trying to get money for vet bills that she never incurred. She counted on our broken hearts to cloud our judgment.
 I was born at night, but not last night, so I wrote her and the puppy off.

Boxer shepherd puppy sitting on a brown kitchen rug with a dishwasher in the background.

Then I reached out to the lady we adopted Rocky from. I had already searched the rescue site and hadn’t seen any puppies so I was hoping that she would be a reference for us. 
That was when she said they had puppies. Boxer/shepherd puppies. We were over the moon excited. We put in our application and patiently (sort of) waited for our home check. I bought baby gates and treats, toys, and dog food. We were SO excited.

Boxer shepherd puppy laying on a brown couch with a red blanket and red bull dog toy.

The puppy was being fostered in Oregon, so they had him transferred to a foster home here in our area. We scheduled a time to pick him up and I don’t really think we got much sleep for the 5-days  that we waited to pick him up.
When the day came I was excited but Kevin was like a kid at Christmas. His heart had been opened up to what it felt like to have a dog in your life with Rocky and he couldn’t wait to meet his new friend.
I laugh that we got together late in life, after all of our kids were teens or older, so babies had never even been a thought. We would have loved to have one together, but not that late in the game! So, Hawk is kind of like our baby. We take turns with training and cuddles, he is even sleeping in the bed with us!
And we love him SO very much! 
I had some people tell me, when we lost Angel and Rocky and were so upset, “Oh it is just a dog”.
Seriously? No, not even, they are not just a dog, they are family, part of our hearts!!

Boxer shepherd puppy yawning under a camouflage blanket and a brown background.

So my friends, meet the wild, wacky, and wonderful Hawk. He has stolen our hearts already and can’t wait for the adventures that are yet to come!
Many MANY thanks to Wigglin’ Home Boxer Rescue for the work you do, and bringing our sweet boy into our lives!
If you would like to foster please contact them and, if you can’t foster, please think about donating. Here is their Amazon Wishlist 
Also, please hit the pin button of the left and pin the hidden pin of Hawk to promote the adoption of rescue dogs!!

Westhighland White Terrier (Westie) dog in a pink coat with beige carpet in the background.

Boxer with a red handkerchief in a white room.

RIP my darling Angel and Rocky. We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge!

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  1. Oh my goodness how absolutely beautiful is hawk! He is just the most adorable thing those pictures!

  2. The amount of AWWWWWWWWWWSSSSSS going through my head, hahahahaha! But seriously, what a friggin' cutie!

  3. Love the back story – rescue is truly a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of not just one dog but two or three. When a dog gets adopted out of a foster's home, that opens up space in that home for another dog from an owner who can't keep it any longer or from a shelter. If it's from a shelter, then that shelter has room to take in another dog! Bobbi & Kevin, you are changing the lives of these dogs!

  4. This was so sweet. I can’t believe both dogs died around the same time. Kinda like Dan and Ann in Where the Red Fern Grows.
    I love your new baby!! Have fun with the chewing!

  5. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! There's just so much cuteness going on in those photos!! Thank you for supporting rescue dogs!

  6. I believe that those that want a dog should look into getting a rescue dogs. Hawk is absolutely adorable. He looks like he is so lovable. I just love his attitude.

  7. I am very sorry about your old dogs 🙁 Hawk is absolutely beautiful, love him forever!

  8. That's a good style, friend! Try yourself as a creative writer.You can definitely earn something!

  9. Thanks for sharing.I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your other doggies 🙁 losing your fur babies never gets easier! However, Hawk is an absolute darling and I'm sure he'll give you a lot of giggles!

  11. That is the most adorable, and photogenic, pup I have ever seen. Except every pup I've ever been owned by, of course. From my ACS and me, best wishes and a long and happy life together! Your two are now playing with about 7 dogs I've lost so far and are having a ball. All are healthy again and just waiting.

  12. Hawk is such a great name! This has to be one of the CUTEST puppies I've seen in a while. I love when people rescue dogs instead f getting them from a breeder.

  13. Hawk is so so beautiful, he would totally rule my house with those eyes.

  14. Oh my word. Your dog is the epitome of adorableness. I love him already.

  15. How cute is Hawk?! He would get away with murder if he lived in my house! I miss having a puppy running about the place, they're always so lively! x

  16. oh! Look at it like a baby. Poor eyesight. I love dogs

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