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Kitchen Hacks to Save Time and Cleanup

Kitchen Hacks To Save Time and Cleanup from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

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I am sooooo excited that it is finally cooling down. What? Did I really say that? Me? From wet and wonderful Washington state is happy it is cooling down?



Well, one of the things I have had to embrace now that I have come to live in the land of perpetual rain is how to cook for that weather.

When I lived in San Diego soups, stews, mac and cheese, and tons of baked goodies just didn’t seem to fit in. Who wants to eat a big ol’ bowl of hot creamy soup, or heat up the kitchen by baking all day, when it is 85 to 90 degrees outside (and you have no AC)? Not this girl!

But now, that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I have learned to embrace the culinary gifts that it offers. Once that temp dips, and the skies begin to grey, my kitchen is full of bubbling pots of soups and chili, the smell of baking cookies, and of course, huge dishes of mac and cheese.

Shout out to my cheese lovers!

Now, you know I am the mac and cheese queen right? So you can believe me when I say that the bags of pre-grated cheese are not the way to go if you want to guarantee smooth, creamy, cheese sauces (for any dish). They coat that cheese with powder to keep it from clumping in the bag, which in turn can cause it to not melt correctly in your cheese sauce.

So, grating your own cheese is the way to go. But, who wants to grate all of that cheese? I know it used to drive me crazy. That was until I learned this simple little hack. Spray your cheese grater inside and out with PAM Cooking Spray. It will help the cheese to slide easily across the grater, grate more evenly, and make clean up soooooo much easier. I mean who likes trying to get all that gummed up cheese off the inside of the cheese grater? Nope, not me!

Kitchen Hacks To Save Time and Cleanup from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

Tadaaaaaa!! How simple is that?

Now, let’s move on to my fave cookie to make, and eat, by the rather large handfuls.

Sshhhhh you didn’t hear me say that!

Peanut butter cookies!

They are so simple, very forgiving (which I need when it comes to baking), and go down so well with a big glass of ice cold milk. Buttttttt, how frustrating it to measure out the peanut butter, and then try to get it all out of the measuring cup and into the bowl?


I always wondered if I was getting enough in the batter, but if I added more would that be too much, and then there is the clean up! No matter how hot you get the water, it seems like the peanut butter is determined to stay with that measuring cup until the end of time!

Nope, spray that measuring cup with a wee bit of PAM Cooking Spray before you scoop that PB and it slips right out, with minimal goopage left on the cup.

Kitchen Hacks To Save Time and Cleanup from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

Sweeeeeeeet right?

Bonus, use this process for measuring honey…same results

Double Bonus, PAM leaves 99% less residue than margarine or bargain-brand cooking sprays too.

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