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The Day an Angel Came Into My Life

Howdy peeps! Today we are taking a trip away from the kitchen, and my usual shenanigans. This trip is to the past, and forgive me if I get just a little bit misty. But first things first, allow me to introduce to you my Angel. She is Momma’s baby girl, and came by her name quite by accident, just like Duck did in this adorable video from IAMS. A word of warning…..you may die of cuteness overload!

You see, back in 2005, my mother became sick. It all happened very quickly. At least it feels that way. I had been on the phone with her one day, a few days later she is in the ER. She is grumpy, and mumbling because, well because she was in the hospital. I think we all feel the same about dealing with Dr’s in the hospital. We don’t want to be there, so we take it out on them. Of course if the Dr happens to be a pain in the rear…..well, we know where it goes from there right?
Luckily her Dr was far from a pain, he was a very nice guy, which was a good thing because he had to give us very bad news. My mother’s liver and kidneys were failing, and there was nothing they could do. He gave her a few months to live, at best. He expressed his heartfelt apologies for what we were going through, then stepped out of the room. I sat there stunned, and shocked, too shocked to even cry. My father however, well he was a mess. He wasn’t dealing with things, so he left all of the details up to me. 
The Dr had assured me that my Mom wouldn’t be in any pain, but he said she would eventually fall into a coma. I didn’t really believe him because she was so active and alert for several days. But little by little I could tell that she was heading downhill. She would talk a bit of gibberish here and there, forget peoples names, that kind of thing. My Dad just wasn’t dealing with it well. Me? Well, I cracked jokes, cuz that is just what I do right? My Mom really seemed to respond to that too. She would giggle and laugh, and tell me how silly I was. 
One day I came in and my Dad had this look on his face, and was white as a ghost. I immediately ran to my Mom’s side to check her. That was when he told me that she wasn’t responding to anything or anyone. He had been trying to talk to her, he would shake her to try to get her to open her eyes, but nothing, no response. He was shaken by it all, and, at this point, I was having a hard time trying to hold it all together. I have always been the rock of the family, but dang it was sure hard be right at that moment.
My friend suggested that we go to lunch, get some fresh air, and try to get our minds clear. So we left for a bit. On the way back from lunch we passed a pet store. Now if you know anything about me, you know I am a HUGE animal lover (Helloooooooooooooo tons of deer pics on the blog), so I knew that holding a few little balls of fluff would put me in a good mood. It always does. So my friend and I took our kids into the store. As I am wandering around, looking at all of the bright eyes and wagging tails, I hear my daughter say, “Over here Mommy, this is where she is”. I had no idea what she was talking about, but she became more and more insistent that I come at that moment. 
When I came around the corner I saw my daughter, hands and face pressed against the glass. On the other side was a tiny little wiry white haired pup. They were nose to nose through that glass. My daughter turned to me and said, “Mommy, she is ready to go see Gommy (that is why my kids called my Mom) now”. I asked her what she meant, and she proceeded to tell me that this puppy had been waiting for us to come and get her to go meet my Mother. 
“Honey, Gommy is sick, and sleepy, and wouldn’t even know this puppy was there”. At that point she became very upset, and insistent. 
The store clerk asked me if I would like her to get the puppy out. “Yes, yes, yes” was my daughter’s response. 
Who was I to argue at this point? So out came this tiny little thing, and plop into my arms she went. Somehow those little black eyes looked into mine and told me that she belonged with us. A few minutes later we were walking out of the pet store the proud owners of a little West Highland White Terrier (or terror as she came to be known as).
As we walked to the car I looked into those little eyes as said, “Well little bit, what are we going to name you?” without missing a beat my daughter piped up, “Her name is Angel Mommy”. When I asked her why she said very matter of factly, “She is Gommy’s angel and she needs her”. Ummmm okay, I went ahead and went with Angel, still not sure why my daughter felt the way she did.
Could you resist those eyes?
Luckily the hospital was a small one, because I was able to smuggle the pup right in with no complaints. A few of the nurses even looked the other way so I could get to my Mom’s room. When I walked in my Dad was sitting in the chair next to the bed, looking down at the floor. My Mom didn’t look like she had moved a bit.
“How is she doing?” I asked my Dad. He told me that nothing had changed, she hadn’t moved, talked, or even opened her eyes. Then he saw the puppy. “What in the……” he began, but before he could finish his sentence my daughter grabbed her and placed her right on my Mom’s chest. I started to grab her when all of a sudden my Mom lifted her hand, placed it on the puppy, and began petting her! We all looked at each other shocked. Then……she opened her eyes, looked at Angel, and said, “Oooooh look, you got a poopie (what we called puppies)”. She closed her eyes again, pulled Angel in closer, and continued to pet her for what seemed like hours. It was amazing. And Angel laid right there, with no complaints. I looked at my daughter, she had a very content smile on her face and looked at me like “See, I told you”. WOW!!
This went on for a few weeks until my Mother finally passed away. 
So our little Angel is a very special pup. She did become quite the holy terror for a while, but mellowed with age. She is now completely blind from a condition called SARDS, but she gets around like a champ (even after we moved). We love her so very much, and there isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for her. Which includes making she she is fed the best possible food we can feed her. IAMS has always been a brand we trusted for all of our dogs, and now that she is older, we give her IAMS ProActive Heath Mature Adult for Small Breeds. It gives her the extra stuff older girls need, like antioxidants and L-carnitine. Oh, and treats like IAMS “Hogs and Kisses” Soft and Chewy Bacon Treats …..cuz ummm helloooooo I am a foodie, and we love bacon right?? 
To put it short, she is spoiled rotten! 
Angel with Grandma Bonnie

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So now it is your turn. I really want to hear all about your fur babies. Do you have a special story about how they got their name?

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  1. Oh, Bobbi! That is the sweetest story. I am so sorry that you lost your mom but puppies can be such a comfort, both for those who are ill and for those of us who are just heartbroken. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks Stacy!! I agree that our fur babies can do so much 🙂

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