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The BEST Keto Hamburger Buns

These keto hamburger buns are so soft and tender that you won’t believe they are keto. With less than 5 net carbs these buns will become your hamburger BFF!

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Keto burger bun on a white marble counter with more buns in the background.
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Can I have bread on the keto diet?

If you are anything like me the first question you asked yourself when you decided to go low carb is “Can I live without bread?”. Am I right?

Ok, maybe pasta and bread, but the bread was a huge question!

Of course, the answer is no. Well, no to traditional bread and bread products. And for the first two years of my low carb journey, I stuck to that idea. 
I didn’t even eat fathead dough!
If you are not familiar with fathead dough is a dough that was made famous by the movie Fat Head. The dough is made from mozzarella, cream cheese, egg, and a low carb flour. I use it in this recipe for keto flatbread. The added bonus of fathead dough is that it is gluten-free. 
But it isn’t the bread we all know and crave. Don’t get me wrong, it is tasty and we eat it often, but when you are craving a grilled cheese, or you live with non-keto people that want sandwiches, flatbread, or lettuce wraps, just don’t cut it.
That was when I began purchasing any and all “keto bread” I could find in the store or online. 
All I can say about that adventure is that I spent a lot of money on stuff that tasted like cardboard, or worse! So I knew it was going to end up being something I had to make at home. 
This idea panicked me just a bit because, up until now, I have never considered myself a baker. But I wanted bread! So I hit the interwebs and found a recipe from a woman named Diedre on YouTube. 
I fell in love with that first recipe to the point that I bought a bread maker! I knew I would be making multiple loaves a week with everyone else eating my keto bread too!!
From that recipe, I developed one for people that don’t have or wish to purchase, a bread maker. For that recipe though, I needed a dough proofer because I live in Washington and my kitchen rarely gets hot enough to proof bread. You can do it in the oven (see my notes below) but, again when making multiple loaves a month, I love my proofer!
So naturally, after the oven method bread, I needed buns! We love our burgers here and have them multiple times a month. I have used my dinner rolls recipe (which is a fathead dough) and they were really good, but my husband wanted something that was more like a traditional hamburger bun, sesame seeds, and all. 
That is what brought me to this recipe. It is the most like a regular hamburger bun I have run across.
Unfortunately, this does contain gluten. So for my gluten-free peeps the dinner rolls are the best option, but if you can tolerate gluten, these rolls are where it is at!


Overhead photo of the ingredients needed to make keto hamburger buns.





Detailed measurements and instructions can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page.




Six photos of the process of making keto hamburger buns.




Place the warm water, yeast, and honey in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and give it a quick stir.


In a large bowl combine the oat fiber, flaxseed meal, vital wheat gluten, psyllium husk powder, salt, powdered sweetener, and baking powder.


Add 2 eggs and butter to the mixing bowl, then add the dry ingredients.


Mix on low until everything is combined.


Remove the paddle and attach the dough hook. Make sure the dough is together in a ball in the center of the bowl.


Turn the mixer on to medium speed and knead the dough for 7 minutes.


Remove the dough from the mixer bowl and divide into 8 balls *See Notes


Roll the dough balls into smooth balls and place them into jumbo muffin tins, or on a baking sheet.


Cover the pan with plastic wrap that has been lightly sprayed with oil (avocado, olive, coconut) and place in a warm area of your kitchen to rise for 2 hours. *See Notes

STEP 10 

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

STEP 11 

Place the buns on a parchment-lined baking sheet and brush the tops with the remaining beaten egg.

STEP 12 

Sprinkle with the sesame seeds if using.

STEP 13 

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the buns are a deep golden brown.



Keto hamburger buns on a baking sheet.




Can I toast these keto hamburger buns?
Absolutely! Nothing makes a bun better than brushing it with a little melted butter and toating it up on a grill or in a skillet!
How should I store these keto hamburger buns?
The fridge: Leftover buns should be stored in the refrigerator, covered. They will keep well for up to 1 week.
The freezer: Slice the buns in half and place them in a ziplock bag and store them in the freezer for up to 6 months.
How should I reheat keto hamburger buns?

You can either microwave the buns for about 30 seconds or slice them in half and heat them in a skillet pan until warm.



Keto hamburger buns in a bread basket.



Last thoughts about the BEST Keto Hamburger Buns

When I tell you that my entire family loves these hamburger buns I am not joking. They all love the bread they are based on and these buns. That is keto and non-keto people alike! I can’t tell you what a big deal that is.
Or maybe you know and have been like me just avoiding the idea until now. Thinking you can just deal with lettuce-wrapped burger patties for the rest of your life.
No! Stop and make these buns ASAP!
I make the bread and these buns so often I make up ziplock baggies of the dry portion of these recipes and keep them for easy assembly. So it really kinda just ends up a dump-and-go recipe.
We love that!! The easier the best right?


Keto hamburger buns in a bread basket with one cut in half on top.








The BEST Keto Hamburger Buns - These keto hamburger buns are so soft and tender that you won't believe they are keto. With less than 5 net carbs these buns will become your hamburger BFF! #keto #lowcarb #bread #hamburger #buns



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