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16 Mouth Watering Lunch Recipes

Think outside the lunch box with these 16 Mouthwatering Lunch Ideas from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

Have your kids gone back to school yet?
I don’t have school age kids, but I am seeing them everywhere. Target is a mad house and don’t even get me started on Marshall’s and Khol’s! I remember when my kids were in school though. It was normal to walk out of those stores with a much lighter wallet!
What is funny is that my son was more about fashion than my daughter. He was the one that wanted new shoes every 4 months (and still has a closet full of shoes), he was the one that had to have outfits that were all matchy matchy.
My daughter?
If it wasn’t for me picking out her clothes she would have worn purple plaid with orange polka dots and been quite happy doing it! But, at 25, she is MORE than making up for her lack of fashion sense, or desire to buy clothes. 
Thank goodness I don’t pay her bills anymore!
The other thing that was a total pain in the butt was trying to figure out what to pack for their lunches. They of course never agreed on what they wanted to eat. The only thing they did agree on was that they didn’t want to eat school food, and I can’t blame them.
When my son was playing football I could literally send him to school with a whole rotisserie chicken, mac and cheese, and coleslaw, and he would eat the whole thing!! 
But in the off season, he returned to a more normal pattern. Which was much easier on my shopping budget.
Anywho, thinking about all of these memories made me decide to throw together a few of our families favorite lunch type recipes.
In other words, my kids have asked me why I never packed these dishes for their lunches!
I hope your family will feel the same way 

Tex-Mex Black Bean Quinoa Salad

Greek Chicken Salad Sandwiches

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  1. Love all these yummy ideas Lunch is always so boring but these are the best ways to spice it up. I think that Greek chicken salad sandwich is my favorite!

  2. I know, lunch always seems to = boring. That is why I wanted to focus on "livening" it up 🙂 That Greek Chicken Salad is great. It is so light and refreshing!

  3. OMG I am just drooling over all these! Just bookmarked this page for reference and future use. Going to jot down all their recipes. Thanks for such great work 🙂

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