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68 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

  1. What an absolutely fabulous round up, Bobbi! I want them all on my Cinco de Mayo table! Thank you so much for including my chicken and black bean enchiladas. I'm making them again in honor of the celebration! Plus margaritas, of course. And some of your avocado hot sauce.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous recipe with me Stacy! I am excited that you are making the avocado hot sauce. It is one of my favorite recipes but I developed an allergy to avocados and can't have it anymore!

  3. Great line up, it looks delicious. I could start munching my way through all of that for Cinco de Mayo!!!

  4. I agree Tara. I could start at the top and just work my way down!!

  5. I have a huge urge for a margarita and Mexican food right now – great line-up!

  6. I will join you Christy!! I am really glad you like it.

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